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Young Tunisian hip-hop artists supported by international DJ collective

Musicians and activists from the organization Turning Tables support quality music production and the freedom of artistic expression for dissident hip hop and street artists across the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Published in The National on October 31, 2013 Barely a man, 16-year-old musician MC Amine raps into a video camera over a mellifluous […]

Welcome - أهلا و سهلا - to Arts & Power in the Arab World

"Power to the People" and "Fight the Power," proclaimed Chuck D of Public Enemy in 1990. Twenty years later, we are witnessing People Power fighting the Powers that be, throughout the Arab World and beyond. There is no direct link here, but it’s hard to dismiss that music and arts can play a significant role in mobilizing the masses during times of political change -- in Iraqi-British MC Lowkey's words, "oiling the wheels of the struggle.”

Arab artists in particular, whether in the Middle East or among the Arab Diaspora, are in very different ways using their platforms to push for social, cultural or political change - also before the 'Arab Spring' became a catchphrase.

This site displays stories that I come across on my journeys in the intersection between arts and activism in the Arab World. Enjoy!